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Beechworth Honey Mead

It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of,
a person under the age of 18 years. Liquor License No 31954935

“Bee not what you expect”….

What is Mead?
Mead is an alcoholic honey beverage. Mead is unique in that it stands alone within its own category of alcoholic beverages; it’s not wine, it’s not beer and it’s not cider. Produced from 100% Australian honey, the Beechworth Honey Mead is a fun, refreshing and unexpected drinking experience.

How is it made?
Mead is made when honey is diluted with water and allowed to ferment. Fermentation is then stopped to retain the sweetness. With multiple fermentations we build more complexity and flavour. Mead can take between 3 months and 5 years or more to make depending on its style. Mead is Gluten Free – it does not contain wheat or grain based yeasts.

What does it taste like?
The perception of mead is that it will taste very sweet or spicy. However Beechworth Honey Mead is not what you expect it to BEE! It’s a much subtler and more refined flavour that breaks from tradition.
Use our “Dry to Sweet” bee scale on our bottle to choose the Mead that’s right for you!

Beechworth-Honey Mead Tasting Paddle
Beechworth Honey Discovery Deck

Where did it originate?
Speculation has it that mead was the first alcoholic beverage made by man however it could also have easily been discovered by accident when honeycomb came into contact with water, perhaps leaving early man feeling a tad cheerful. It has also been claimed that from 2 -5 thousand years ago people in the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Empires made honey wine. Mead became more popular between 1000 and 1400 A.D. with the English and the Polish people making large quantities of it. Its history links back to the fictional stories of Robin Hood and the Viking period, with many victories in war toasted with a vessel of mead.

Our Mead Range

Beechworth Honey Mead Spriter

The fresh honeycomb aroma of this lightly carbonated mead means there is no mistaking the source of this delightfully spritzy, easy to drink mead. Enjoy anywhere or anytime
330ml 6% alc/vol Price $8.50

Beechworth Honey Mead Berry

The beautiful rouge colour of this mead gives way to soft raspberry sorbet or rose petal flavours in this delicate mead. Well suited to a warm, lazy afternoon with ice.
330ml 9.2% alc/vol Price $8.50

Beechworth Honey Mead

A delicious classic dry mead that tastes like exceptional mead should taste. To be served straight up or on ice. Fresh honey aromas and a slight citrusy tone is noted amongst the seriously smooth honey flavours of this mead.
330ml 9.5% alc/vol Price $8.50

Beechworth Honey Mead Sweet

Sweet by name but not too sweet by nature. Our full flavoured Beechworth Honey is used in this mead to give a distinct warm honey character and intensity.
330ml 9% alc/vol Price $8.50

Where to taste and buy our Mead?
Taste our delicious Beechworth Honey Mead in our cellar door at Beechworth Honey Discovery, 87 Ford Street, Beechworth. While you are there enjoy our Bee Inspired menu in the Food Bowl restaurant and wander through the Bee Garden featuring a working honeybee colony.
Our Mead will be in our online shop soon but in the meantime to order please contact Beechworth Honey Discovery on (02) 6033 2322.

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